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Konyaspor Club Board Member Güven Öten said that they wanted to make the transfers and enter the league in line with the report of coach Bülent Korkmaz without wasting time.

Öten told reporters after Konyaspor’s ordinary general assembly. In his statement, he stated that the general assembly was held with the participation of 384 delegates.

Wishing the new administration to be beneficial, Öten stated that they believe that there will be very good things about the immediate future and Konyaspor will come to the place it deserves.

Öten Pointing out that the work will start quickly with the election of the board of directors, he said:

“We will start working on Monday. We will do the transfers as planned, the new structuring, we will do them very urgently. We had suspended each one of them saying, ‘Someone else will come.’ Without wasting any time, make Konyaspor ready for the league as soon as possible. I hope we will make all the effort we can with point transfers by taking the opinions of our teacher. We have a 5-year agreement. Half the season is over. I hope we will continue with our teacher next season. We would continue under normal conditions. “He said.

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Players whose contract has expired

Öten, upon a question about the status of the players whose contract has expired, said the following:

” This is it, too. they are waiting for the congress. There are reports given by our teacher. As I said, we will do our best to make an agreement with the players who will remain from our players as of Monday and to eliminate the question marks in their minds and create the main skeleton of the team. “

” No official proposal has been received for Ömer Ali and Serkan. >
Güven Öten stated the following regarding the transfer allegations about Ömer Ali Şahiner and Serkan Kırıntılı from the green-white players:

“Currently, there is nothing officially about Serkan or Ömer Ali. Maybe existing clubs are also waiting for our general setup. Next week, if there is an official offer regarding these, it will of course be evaluated and talk to the players. Finally, if it is at a point that will be in the interest of Konyaspor, it will be evaluated. “

Source: AA

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